Monday, 22 February 2010


Sooooo today I got up pretty late. Is 11am pretty late? oh well :3 I didn't feel lazy when I got up...just very awake. When my alarm went off at 9 I wasn't feeling it. I hate mornings :( cold and blue!

When I got up I put my music on and starting getting ready. I need to start keeping fit if I'm honest; I have a lot of shoots coming up! these are the dates I have when I'm working:

28th February
1st March
8th March
13th March
22nd March
23rd March
24th March
29th March
2nd April
12th April
22nd-23rd May

March is going to be a crazy month!

I was thinking, I want to start putting videos up on youtube, stuff like modelling tips, videos of my shoots, make up videos, skin and hair tips, diet and exercise tips....lots of information that I wish to share with you guys!

Just confirmed a booking for this sunday with a fantastic photographer Kate Laughton:

Very very exciting, I think I want to dip my toe into fashion a little bit. I do a lot of glamour and I think a change would be welcome :D just need to take all of my clothes with me this weekend, I won't be able to decide what to shoot in! pics coming soon.

Louisa x

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Jacket potatoes and frilly knickers

Naked (except knickers! <3) and currently sat on my laptop :D I'm eating jacket potatoes for the 2nd time today! I absolutely love them. With anything on top - cottage cheese, prawns, beans and cheese :D

So back to being naked :] I'm getting ready to go out tonight, going to see Bruno - tbh I am dreading it a little bit!

I'm thinking smoky eyes with heels...and a dress of course, do you really think I would just go out in my knickers..?

(...yes I would)

Anyway, still very excited about my shoot this weekend. I love modelling. I wouldn't do anything else! Its gives me a thrill being naked anyway, even wearing no knickers out side :P

Modelling is a different thing - when I upload my photos or they're on another website (such as or and reading everyones comments :]

Kisses! Lou xxx

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Back from the dead!

I must admit, being away from the internet makes me sad :(

I haven't updated or logged into anything in such a long while. Oh well, I have new pictures to make up for it!!!

Having a blast at the minute! Sunny days and theres nothing to do but model (and get paid!), sunbathe and sleep.

I have just paid for my student accomodation and everything :] I'm so excited about moving to Liverpool. Bring on September!

Kisses! xxx

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

So it's half eleven at night...I'm soo tired. I burnt 200 calories today!

I have been very busy this week with work. Modelling of course!

Soooo I'm very excited with my new shots from last week, from my good friend Steve Chamberlain. We have just closed a website deal :D It will be!

I will keep you posted on my other shoots :D I have another tomorrow :D

Louisa xxx

Monday, 8 June 2009

Milton Keynes :D

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't updated all weekend...been very hectic :]

I have new photos! check them out on my facebook page, or on my website.

So! tonight I am travelling down to Milton Keynes :D to meet my good friend, Steve Chamberlain. I am doing some shoots for my website! how exciting is that :D
And hopefully, if the tog gets back to me, I have another shoot on the thursday for a few hours in London :] one of my favourite cities. Losing out to Milton Keynes ofcourse!
Oh and you lot will love what I'm doing on wednesday...i'll keep you posted!

Sensual. Provocative. Erotic.

3 of my favourite words :] also the title to the photographer of my latest shoot, John Tisbury.

Thats the last of my photos. I would probably get spanked if I gave you a peek of my photos on here ;) so I'll leave it up to you...

Kisses xxx

Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday :]

Another day, another workout!

Phew :D I'm really looking forward to next week, I have 2 shoots around London :D One with Steve Chamberlain in Milton Keynes. I love working with him, he's a lot of fun, and he buys me things. Last time I had a shoot he bought me 2 sets of bras and knickers teehee :D

At the minute I'm just looking at my last set of pictures that I did with John Tisbury last Saturday in Northampton. They're absolutely brilliant, very moody lighting, and ofcourse I got to put on bondage gear!

My favourite website must be check it out, it always makes me laugh :3

Kisses!!! xxx

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Phew I'm sooo tired from working out - I love my new Wii Active :D

Today is going really slowly! I love it - its so hot and sunny outside, and I'm here chilling with apple juice and ice :3

I need some sunlotion XD I burn really badly in the sun....the curse of having fair skin I guess.

My hair is looking really good today! I dyed it yesterday, to a dark brown colour :-] what do you guys think?

So yeah at the moment I am answering some questions for a football forum :D

I'd like to hear what you guys think about Lady GaGa. I love her so much! and I'm thinking of doing a photoshoot based on her :]

Louisa x