Monday, 8 June 2009

Milton Keynes :D

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't updated all weekend...been very hectic :]

I have new photos! check them out on my facebook page, or on my website.

So! tonight I am travelling down to Milton Keynes :D to meet my good friend, Steve Chamberlain. I am doing some shoots for my website! how exciting is that :D
And hopefully, if the tog gets back to me, I have another shoot on the thursday for a few hours in London :] one of my favourite cities. Losing out to Milton Keynes ofcourse!
Oh and you lot will love what I'm doing on wednesday...i'll keep you posted!

Sensual. Provocative. Erotic.

3 of my favourite words :] also the title to the photographer of my latest shoot, John Tisbury.

Thats the last of my photos. I would probably get spanked if I gave you a peek of my photos on here ;) so I'll leave it up to you...

Kisses xxx

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