Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Jacket potatoes and frilly knickers

Naked (except knickers! <3) and currently sat on my laptop :D I'm eating jacket potatoes for the 2nd time today! I absolutely love them. With anything on top - cottage cheese, prawns, beans and cheese :D

So back to being naked :] I'm getting ready to go out tonight, going to see Bruno - tbh I am dreading it a little bit!

I'm thinking smoky eyes with heels...and a dress of course, do you really think I would just go out in my knickers..?

(...yes I would)

Anyway, still very excited about my shoot this weekend. I love modelling. I wouldn't do anything else! Its gives me a thrill being naked anyway, even wearing no knickers out side :P

Modelling is a different thing - when I upload my photos or they're on another website (such as bustyskinny.com or boobstudy.com) and reading everyones comments :]

Kisses! Lou xxx


  1. I put in about 250 votes on bustyskinny.com and got you to 4.46 & #1 ranked model (as you should be)!

    ;) -E

  2. Hello,

    I'm a new fan of yours Louisa. Love the blog, please keep us updated with what you're up to!

    Been checking out your pics on some of your other sites. Love 'em!!!


  3. I've send you an e-mail allready, but anyway - you are too good for PORN (even tho I like PORN a lot=), youre face is the most beautifull I have ver seen, and you are the first women that I dont know and I have follen in love with...

    My bad, just wanted you to know you are BEAUTIFULL, HOT and MORE than people deserve to see...

    Have a nice day, your No 1 fan

    Do you personally have a Facebook account?
    Would love to be your friend (I have found just a fan group =(.... )