Monday, 22 February 2010


Sooooo today I got up pretty late. Is 11am pretty late? oh well :3 I didn't feel lazy when I got up...just very awake. When my alarm went off at 9 I wasn't feeling it. I hate mornings :( cold and blue!

When I got up I put my music on and starting getting ready. I need to start keeping fit if I'm honest; I have a lot of shoots coming up! these are the dates I have when I'm working:

28th February
1st March
8th March
13th March
22nd March
23rd March
24th March
29th March
2nd April
12th April
22nd-23rd May

March is going to be a crazy month!

I was thinking, I want to start putting videos up on youtube, stuff like modelling tips, videos of my shoots, make up videos, skin and hair tips, diet and exercise tips....lots of information that I wish to share with you guys!

Just confirmed a booking for this sunday with a fantastic photographer Kate Laughton:

Very very exciting, I think I want to dip my toe into fashion a little bit. I do a lot of glamour and I think a change would be welcome :D just need to take all of my clothes with me this weekend, I won't be able to decide what to shoot in! pics coming soon.

Louisa x


  1. You are amazing!kisses from Brasil XD

  2. You stopped posting on your blog.. well don't we all, it does get kinda old fast and you miss it one day and think oh i'll do it tomorrow.. by the time you know it, it's a few months later!

    What are you doing with yourself now? I thought that you were American until I read your blog! I'm from Chester :)

  3. I still remember. Thank you!

  4. You are looking lovelier than ever. And I see you are getting more daring. Nice!